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Personal service

Great personal one on one service for the first class, and actually got to learn...more

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African Cultural Association


The African Cultural Association (ACA) was registered in 1995 with the Charity Commission as a non-profit making organisation. On the 4th of July 2014 The African Cultural Association was registered with the Charity Commission as a CIO (Charity Incorporated Organisation) to provide general advice and information and Provide Skill Training for Adult, Family and the Community in Greater London .
Our services cover advice on income support, housing, immigration, health, bereavement, employment, legal services and education( We give advice, guidance, training and support to the unemployed , lone parents - particularly promoting educational /recreational Activities as well as planning and arranging Courses and Projects for Youth and Adults from 7years to 70+ years. (We are UK Registered Learning Provider ) . In addition, the Association seeks to promote awareness of different cultures in multicultural Britain.

Through the provision of our services we encourage service users to come together to share their experiences and provide a support network for the community. By doing so, users not only forge friendships and learn from each other, but they also become better equipped to deal with future problems and are more aware of resources available to them.

The African Cultural Association has helped over 350,000+ people from diverse backgrounds to resolve problems and disputes and to help them to better cope with their day-to-day lives. Our service users come from all walks of life and we are proud to be able to offer specialist advice provided by experts in their field.

As part of our commitment to the wider community, we organise women's groups and youth-centred activities on a regular basis, and put together cultural activities during prominent black festivals and events e.g. Black History Month and the Notting Hill Carnival.

The African Cultural Association is also committed to working with the elderly, people with learning/physical disabilities, and those with mental health issues and special needs.

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Personal service
by basira - January 2017

Great personal one on one service for the first class, and actually got to learn how to stitch .

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Excelent course
CLOTH MAKING FOR BEGINNERS (Booked online with Hotcourses)
by Neuza - December 2016

I really enjoyed my first day at the course, teachers very kind and patient, and very well directed content! I am looking forward for the next classes.

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Adult dressmaking
by Yvette - September 2016

Great atmosphere and great staff

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Children's dress course
by Roberta - September 2016

I was a little apprehensive before going as my skills are limited. I needn't have worried they made me feel really welcome I made a babies dress fully lined, used an overlocker and learnt soon much. So excited I will be going back.

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by Michelle - July 2016

Majorie is very knowledgeable. She explains slowly and goes at each persons pace, however long it takes. The finish with each garment /outfit, would stand up to anything. You could see my clothes at a high end store. now i can make my own clothes. I will update at the 12th lesson to chart my progress.

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very good! Pattern cutting lessons very good.
by Samia - July 2016

It is a very good course and I have learned pattern cutting and dressmaking techniques. I learned learn how to cut patterns according to my size. now i understand why i made plenty of mistakes in the process of trying to make my own clothes before. I have already recommend this class to other people. Repairing and alterations that you cannot do, you can learn here. But alterations is not as easy , you think you know how to do it...but when you make a mistake you cannot take it back.

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Learning environment for women! Good for pensioner
by Gresene - July 2016

The fashion, craft and dressmaking facilities are excellent!!! The teachers are very patient. I was never been able to do invisible zip, or cut a pattern to fit my body, but now I can. this class is very useful. I see myself making my clothes, because once you know your measurements you can cut out a pattern. I am on the 12 week course, I have been here for six weeks. . The price is very reasonable for pensioners. I come early so that I start on time, and the course instructors are always there ready. teaching instructors are very good they know their craft. students are pleasant. everyone gets on very well. I am hoping to be good enough to make clothes from grand-kids.

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Well organised!
by - July 2016

Well organised and you get enough attention because there are not that many students. It is good for all levels and is easy to learn in a professional way, you can not necessarily make what you want straight away but they teach you the basics. The teaching plan is good. I have made a skirt, it has taken me 6 weeks, even though I did make some mistakes they have helped me. I will definitely recommend this class.

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Really eduacative
by Anna - July 2016

The teaching is ok, but there are not enough teachers, so it is like African boxing as everybody is grabbing at the teacher. It is a class were you have to be patient. You know that the teachers know what they are doing though. But I definitely recommend this class to all levels. Most of the students are mature, everyone is patient and complying. The size of the classes are too much. In the last 3 weeks I have accomplished many things, I have the confidence to sew now. I can sew a skirt, I have been showing off the new things that I have made. Even after I finish this 12 week course, I will apply for another 12 weeks because I think it would be an advantage. Fashion is advancing everyday, so I need to keep coming to improve my skills.

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Excellent for beginners
by Anna - July 2016

I signed up to this course as a complete beginner with no experience and I already feel very confident with the sewing machine. With only 10 sessions i feel comfortable on making alterations on clothes. The lessons are very detailed and thorough, and you get an opportunity to receive one-on-one assistance from the teachers. Most materials that you need are available here, so you do not have worry about wasting time if you do not have certain materials. I was able to complete my own skirt together with drawing patterns, sewing and finalising it with the help of instructors. Overall I am very pleased with the course, it is a very friendly environment. Both teachers and students helped make it a pleasant environment for learning and having fun.

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