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Zoology courses cover broad study options including aquatic zoology, animal behaviour, biological sciences, and marine zoology. Typically, zoology programmes are designed as an applied scientific analysis of the animal kingdom, where studies range from the biology of animal groups to the transferral of characteristics across generations. Zoologist graduates may work in a number of careers, from applied fieldwork based right across the globe, to more in-depth research that leads to medicine development and procurement.

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Natural history

Where: University of South Wales

What: Natural History BSc (Hons)

by Meg - October 2013

Seems a really great course - just been to an open day and the fieldwork seems amazing. You go to Iceland Portugal and Botswana and have other options to go to a hot jungle place - cant remember as they go all around the world . Lots of different subjects and do photography and video making . Can't see another natural history course on offer - so am keen to hear if anyone has seen this course

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BSc (Hons) Biomedical science

  Biomedical science focuses on understanding the causes, diagnosis and treatment of different diseases. Biomedical science undergraduate courses are typically three years in length, although in many cases you can opt to take a four year course where you can more

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Zoologists study animal evolution, ecology, genetics, behaviour, development and physiology. They have detailed knowledge of subjects like cell biology and genetics, and their work is used to enable advances in areas such as medicine, environmental protection and conservation, agriculture and aquaculture, and marine biology. Work might include the development and testing of new drugs, improving agricultural crops and livestock, disease and pest control, conservation of endangered habitats and species, and animal welfare and education. Work for governmental agencies may include developing...more

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