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Our guide to undergraduate product design courses

Product design courses introduce students to the various disciplines required to become professionals in the industrial design sector. These programmes are typically designed for those wishing to pursue a career in a creative role related to product design. You will learn the methodological and practical skills necessary to produce a portfolio of work in a variety of themes, whilst developing the essential skills in presentation and critical analysis for progression within sectors such as street furniture or personal technology.

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Plymouth Uni....Had the best time :)

Where: Plymouth University

What: BA (Hons) 3D Design: Product, Furniture & Interiors

by Sarahlou - January 2013

Hey I'm new to this site and I just thought I'd tell you about my experiance at Plymouth Uni. I am a student who has just finished studying BAHons 3D Design at Plymouth university, and I liked it so much that I am now doing their MA in... more

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Product (or industrial) designers design all the things we use in our daily lives from vacuum cleaners to cars. They consider how to make items easier to use, more efficient, cheaper to produce or better looking. This means looking carefully at what is required, researching and developing ideas and coming up with a design, which might be for a completely new product or to improve an existing one. The process involves: taking a brief - the details of what is needed making initial sketches preparing detailed drawings using computers making samples or...more

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