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Our guide to undergraduate midwifery courses

Midwifery courses offer a direct route for students wishing to pursue a career as a midwife. Students will receive both an academic and professional qualification. During the course you will develop practical skills in midwifery with 50% of the programme allocated to supervised practice. Whilst this is a career-focussed degree, there are a number of research, teaching and management roles available. Midwives have the option of working in the community and hospitals, in a range of counselling, support and education roles.

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Midwives care for and support pregnant women, their partners and babies, before, during and after the birth. Some midwives give pre-conception advice, however, they usually support the mother after pregnancy has been confirmed. Their work includes: monitoring the health of the mother and baby with physical examinations and ultrasound scanners; counselling the mother on issues such as healthy eating or giving up smoking; and explaining the mother’s options, for example, regarding natural childbirth, pain controlling drugs, hospital or home delivery. Midwives run antenatal and parenting...more

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