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BSc (Hons) Biomedical science

  Biomedical science focuses on understanding the causes, diagnosis and treatment of different diseases. Biomedical science undergraduate courses are typically three years in length, although in many cases you can opt to take a four year course where you can more

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Many modern industries have an effect on the state of the world’s water systems and its wildlife. Marine Biologists study these effects on plant and animal life in rivers, lakes and seas. They may involved in testing and analysing water, assessing the levels of pollution, or in trying to find solutions to protect and conserve natural resources. Some of their work may involve studying climatic change or the development of new...more

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Marine Biology BSc (Hons)

Bangor University

from: £9,000.00

Marine Biology BSc (Hons)

Plymouth University

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from: £1,820.00

Aquatic Zoology BSc (Hons)

University Of Hull

from: £9,000.00

Marine Biology BSc (Hons)

University Of Liverpool

from: £9,000.00

Marine Biology with Oceanography BS...

University Of Southampton

from: £9,000.00

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