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Our guide to undergraduate english language courses

English courses cover a range of disciplines including creative studies and English language, drama with English, linguistics, American and English studies, and classics. The majority of programmes concerned with English are analytical, focusing on topics as diverse as sign language, child language and acquisition, socio linguistics and literary theory. Graduate prospects are equally wide ranging, with great prospects for employability in journalism, teaching, law, marketing, television and even finance.

Related undergraduate careers: Translator

Translators convert the written word from one language (known as the source language) into another language (known as the target language). Translators may work on: scientific, technical or commercial material such as reports, manuals and brochures legal documents, such as contracts literary work - translating novels, plays and poetry media translation, such as web sites, film scripts and subtitles for films educational work, including textbooks and travel guides. Translators may specialise in one type of work or work on a number of...more

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