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Our guide to undergraduate drama courses

Drama courses are typically packaged along with related subjects such as film studies, theatre studies, performing arts, dance and English literature. These programmes usually place a strong emphasis on practical studies, however literary, theoretical and historical modules complement this focus to ensure students develop an informed and knowledgeable understanding of the craft. Many institutions will also allow a thorough study of supporting aspects of performance art, with the opportunity to learn lighting, sound and stage-management.

Related undergraduate careers: Actor

Actors use speech and body language to portray characters and situations. This is usually based on a script created by an author, but may sometimes involve improvisation. Acting work varies widely, as it may involve performing in a wide range of settings. Some actors combine their acting skills with singing and dancing, especially within musical theatre. As well as acting, actors spend a lot of time studying their roles, learning lines and rehearsing. They also need to prepare for and attend auditions for a variety of different medium including live theatre, television plays and series,...more

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