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Our guide to undergraduate art & design courses

Art and design courses cover a number of study areas including textiles, fashion, media, game art design, digital visualisation, primary education, fine art and graphic design. These programmes are typically designed for those wishing to pursue a career in the creative industries. You will learn the methodological and practical skills necessary to produce a portfolio of work in a variety of themes, whilst developing the essential skills in presentation and critical analysis for progression in art and design industries.

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Artists create original art work, such as paintings, sculptures and installations, which they then try to sell through art galleries, agents and dealers. They may also be commissioned to produce a specific piece of art work. They may produce art work by painting, drawing, installations/conceptual art, printmaking, carving, sculpting, modelling, using photography, video and computers. They may specialise in one medium, such as oil painting, one area, such as portraits, or in a combination of techniques and subjects. Artists need to market and promote their work, and...more

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