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10 Welding training courses in Waltham Forest

Made By Ore Jewellery School
1 Welding Training course

This masterclass is essential for all jewellers. During the course you will learn different soldering techniques. Stick...

Paragon Training (Health and Safety)
7 Welding Training courses

About BONDING AND GROUNDING OF FLAMMABLE LIQUID Basic hazard communications training programme but oriented to the...

Welding Safety Video FROM £178.80 - Book online

Graphic re-enactments of welding accidents. Topics from preventing fires to respiratory hazards in gas and arc welding....

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Virtual College
1 Welding Training course
1 reviews
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Welding Safety

Simple course probably aimed at the young, but still useful and informative....more

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The aim of this short module is to raise understanding and awareness of the safety issues associated with welding. Upon...

Skills2learn Ltd
1 Welding Training course

Top level e-learning programme compiled by experts with extensive “hands on” practical backgrounds as well as...