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Why undergraduate?

Why undergraduate? If you’re thinking about taking an undergraduate course, you’ve probably already got prospectus after prospectus telling you which undergraduate courses you should go for. Before you start thinking about subjects though, have you thought about why you might want to choose an undergraduate course at all? Studying at... more

Celebrity University

Many of us have considered university courses. Whether it's an undergraduate degree in a subject we're passionate about or a postgraduate qualification that we need to follow a certain career. University courses can be interesting, fun, and life changing.   Many people will tell you they've met friends for life as a result of one... more

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So you know you want to go to uni’ but you don't know which undergraduate course to take or which undergraduate courses are out there. From agriculture to zoology, browse a huge range of undergraduate subjects, right here. The undergraduate courses cover foundation degrees, diplomas, bachelor and, integrated master’s degree courses. Indeed integrated masters can be undertaken as an undergraduate course - the first three years of study are often the same as a bachelor's degree, followed by an additional year of study at a master's level. Use the search form above if you can’t see the subject you were hoping to find, and if you want to know what other students thought, check out our undergraduate course reviews.

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What undergraduate course to take?
Can’t decide what undergraduate course to take or which university to pick? Coming straight from sixth form or college, it can be really difficult deciding which undergraduate option you want to take or what part of the country you should study it in. 
Luckily for you, you’ve still got plenty of time to make your shortlist of universities, as the UCAS applications (the lengthy form you fill in to apply for all UK uni’s) don’t have to be in for most courses until the middle of January. However, with lots of things to consider when planning which undergraduate course to take, it’s worth starting to think about your university choices now. 
If you’re sixth form or college grades weren’t what you’d hoped, a foundation degree allows you to start studying the subject you want, with the option afterwards of progressing on to a full honours degree. For those of you who didn’t have such problems pre-uni, a three year bachelor’s programme or a four year sandwich degree (where you spend a year out on placement in that industry) would be best for you. 
If you’ve been reliant on mum’s home cooking and free laundrette service in recent years, a university which has catered halls of residence on campus is likely to be best for you to study your undergrad degree, allowing you to keep those ‘home comforts’.  Others among you will want to make the most of the ‘uni life’, in which case an undergraduate programme in a vibrant student city with a busy social scene is important (remember though, you’re not just there to party, so don't fall in to the traps many freshers do!). 
When it comes to picking what undergraduate course to take, it can be tricky to decide whether to stick with a subject you’ve excelled at in the past or try something new. It’s worth considering your future career first, as some professions can be fussy about which subjects they want you to study. If you still have lots of questions, can’t decide which undergraduate course you want to take or the career path you want to go down, then our careers guide will provide you further advice and support.