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Many of us have considered university courses. Whether it's an undergraduate degree in a subject we're passionate about or a postgraduate qualification that we need to follow a certain career. University courses can be interesting, fun, and life changing.   Many people will tell you they've met friends for life as a result of one... more

Why undergraduate?

Why undergraduate? If you’re thinking about taking an undergraduate course, you’ve probably already got prospectus after prospectus telling you which undergraduate courses you should go for. Before you start thinking about subjects though, have you thought about why you might want to choose an undergraduate course at all? Studying at... more

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So you know you want to go to uni’ but you don't know which undergraduate course to take. From agriculture to zoology, browse a huge range of subjects, right here. Use the search form above if you can’t find what you are looking for, and if you want to know what other students thought, check out our course reviews.

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