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    46 Tai chi courses in Winchester

    Our guide to tai chi courses

    Have you seen people waving their arms around in parks or heard the lines; imagine you’ve got a big watermelon, cut it in half, half for you and half for me, all the while making big, round hand gesticulations? Well, that’s Tai Chi....more

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    Beckmann Visual Publishing Ltd
    4 Tai Chi courses
    1 review
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    pleased to get hold of this as courses in my area are non existent, the second h...more

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    Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese system of exercise which, when practiced regularly, can provide the following...

    T'AI CHI FOR HEALING Martial Arts DVD FROM £8.66 - Book online

    It has long been known in China that the internal energy generated by Tai Chi is good for one's health and can be used for...

    Martial Mania
    7 Tai Chi courses

    We present you a form of Taiji with Fan (TAIJI SHAN) of Yang Style according to Master Maître Wang Yen Nien. This DVD was...

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    18 Tai Chi courses
    2 reviews

    This DVD details the staff form as taught to Mark Peters by Master Tan Seow Theng of Malaysia. Master Tan is a Master of...

    Tai Chi Combat 2 DVD Set (Martial Arts Instruction DVD) FROM £21.99 - Book online

    Features the second Chen Style Form an further explanation of how the differing Yang Tai Chi corresponds with the combat art...

    Howard Gibbon
    17 Tai Chi courses
    howard gibbon

    The T'ai Chi Sword Form encompasses a huge array of skills previously developed in other aspects of the Lee Style Arts. The...

    New Tai Chi Form Volume 3 DVD FROM £32.70 - Book online

    All form moves are filmed from all four angles as well as having an audio section where Howard takes you through each set of...