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11 Sewing machine training courses in Leeds

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Fabrication Crafts
3 Sewing Machine Training courses

By special request of our members, who have gone through the full sewing course, a chance to brush up those skills, double check...

learn to sew using a sewing machine FROM £45.00

have a sewing machine but don't know really how to use it, then come along to our class where you will learn the basics of...

Pretty Witty Cakes
1 Sewing Machine Training course

In this Project, Pretty Witty Cakes' tutor Stephanie Janice shows you how to make a set of beautiful sewing and embroidery...

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Blue Mountain Training Solution
1 Sewing Machine Training course

Master Tailor Package: 300+ Sewing Courses 300+ Sewing and Alterations Courses in 1 Package! is designed to take you from the...

Leeds City College
3 Sewing Machine Training courses

A course for those with some sewing skills who would like to develop these further. Learners will work safely, using sewing...

Creative Arts and Crafts - Sewing for Beginners FROM £57.50

A basic course for those with a little knowledge of sewing. Learners will work safely, using sewing machines and hand sewing...

The Sewing Sessions
3 Sewing Machine Training courses
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Great course to help those starting to sew

This is a great course to help when starting to sew. With a patient, thorough an...more

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You will spend the morning making a sample curtain. You will use this sample to learn the different techniques needed to make a...

Beginners Sewing Session FROM £49.00

The Beginners Sewing Course is the best session for complete beginners. You will learn a range of sewing techniques to build...