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at University of Stirling

  • This course develops a critical appreciation of the role of public relations in contemporary society as well as key analytical,...

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at Study Interactive

  • The learning outcomes of this major are as follows: understand geopolitical factors concerning international relations and how...

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at Coventry University

  • The Online MA Peacebuilding offers a higher education opportunity to middle and senior managers working for institutions...

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Postgraduate International Relations
Q. What’s the first thing you teach your students? That to get a good MA result you need to read a lot. Q. Please explain in detail what students will learn during your course during each term? They learn the different approaches to IR theory which is essential for students who wish to understand the subject. This module is compulsory to all students on the IR programme. But as well as learning specific detail about different schools of thought, I try to get across some of the key issues in IR, discuss how the world might be changing and also make suggestions on how...