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There are 6 institutions in UK which run Online Plumbing courses. Please use the filter on the left to narrow down your Plumbing courses.

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at eDistance Learning

  • A distance learning course is the ideal way to gain a Plumbing Diploma. Whether you're looking to go on to further...

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at AT & F Solutions Ltd

1 reviews

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at Fencing And Construction Training (Fact)

  • Legionella Training:          What is Legionella?  How can it affect your staff?...

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at Cavara Business Services

  •   Legionella Awareness is not only a legal requirement but vital to any business which works in this environment. ...

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at Essentialskillz

  • Cases of Legionnaires’ disease, caused by legionella bacteria, are fortunately rare. However, when they occur, they can be...

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  • Many people throughout the developing world rely on a hand pump for their water supply. But, like any other mechanical device,...

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Article about Plumbing

Subject Focus: Sort out your pipes!
Sick of having to call plumbers out to sort out your pipes? Not to mention having to pay extortionate rates for the pleasure, even though it's just the simplest of repairs to your u-bend. It is possibly the most annoying thing ever. If you're nodding along with us then maybe you should do a plumbing course. We've got a choice of  over 400  plumbing courses  and  plumbing training courses  around the UK (and over 90 plumbing courses in London) for you; from the basic every day Plumbing to a variety of complicated sounding (to our...


Article about Plumbing

Learning how to fix a leaking tap
Plumbing is often assumed to be a subject you can only take as a lengthy apprenticeship in order to start a whole new career. For many people this is the case, but what about if you just want to know how to fix a leaking tap? Or how to unblock a u-bend? These are common plumbing problems in the average household and the sort of things that can be fixed without getting a plumber in. Our web editor, Jade, wanted to learn these skills and become a bit more handy around the house, so she went off on a  basic plumbing  course in London at the Goodlife Centre to learn how...