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  • 11 Full Time computer programming courses

    Computer programming languages can be very complex, yet knowledge of them can get you straight onto the career ladder. Computer programming courses usually focus on one of these languages, teaching you what you can do with them and how to understand them. Typical computer programming courses are held in small groups at computers, so you will need to be confident with technology before joining.

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    View 3 Full Time Computer Programming courses

    at Decide Learning

    in the UK

    • C++ Programming Training Course
    • XML in Java for Developers Training Course book course

    Some of the courses below will include those you can study at home or courses that you can arrange to suit your needs.

    View 1 Full Time Computer Programming course

    at Case Training

    in the UK

    • COBOL Programming and Introduction to TSO, ISPF & JCL

    View 4 Full Time Computer Programming courses

    at NobleProg UK Ltd

    in the UK

    • Apache Tomcat and Java EE Administration
    • Perl Programming book course

    1 reviews

    View 1 Full Time Computer Programming course

    at Javaconsult

    in the UK

    • Java course in London

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    View 2 Full Time Computer Programming courses

    at Big Wheelers South Wales

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    • LGV Category C (DSA)
    • LGV Category C and E (DSA) view course

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    Article about Computer Programming

    Subject Focus: A Second Life
    Add some IT programming skills to your arsenal and brave a whole new cyberworld… In 2003, the doors to a whole other universe were opened to the public with the launch of ‘Second Life’, an internet-based virtual world. Inside this virtual world – accessed through downloading a viewer program to your computer – users are able to interact with each other through animated characters called avatars and chat, trade, and participate in activities together. As of 2011 there are more than 20 million registered user accounts. Along with several...