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    26 Dog training courses in London

    Our guide to dog training courses

    Whether you’re a dog owner after training for your pet or you fancy yourself as a bit of a teacher but would much prefer to spend your days with disobedient pooches than unruly children there will be a dog training course for you! ...more

    With photos / video

    Top Dog Training School
    2 Dog Training courses

    Training classes for dog owners and dogs. Dog owners to learn dogs way, how dogs think, what affects their thinking, how to...

    Puppy and Dog 6 week training courses FROM £60.00

    We have combined real life training (walking on lead, recall, road sense, scavenging of the food) with Kennel Club Good Citizen...

    Introduction to Adl - Academy For Distance Learning

    Online courses

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    We offer over 500 distance learning and online courses that are career focused and relevant to the industry, combining knowledge with practical tasks.

    1 Dog Training course
    adl - academy for distance learning profile who offer Dog Training courses In London

    An understanding of canine psychology and behaviour is vitally important for anyone who works with dogs or keeps them as a...

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    Centre of Excellence Online
    1 Dog Training course

    People love dogs. You do, or you would not be reading this. Do you understand dogs though? Can you tell if a dog in the room...

    Pet Addict
    2 Dog Training courses

    Highlights: Videos and ebooks by world-renowned veterinarian, animal behaviorist and dog trainer Dr. Ian Dunbar Easy...

    Canine Behaviourist Online Course FROM £29.00 - Book online (DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE)

    Highlights: Online Canine Behaviour Course - lectured by Nick Jones MA - Nick can be heard on BBC radio in response to...

    JD Courses
    1 Dog Training course

    Course Summary  This course consists of several individual videos and ebooks by Dr. Ian Dunbar, offered as a package. It...

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    British College of Canine Studies
    2 Dog Training courses
    british college of canine studies

    Do you currently, or do you want to, care for other people’s dogs, perhaps as a walker, sitter, day care provider,...

    Fun Dog Agility Coaching Diploma FROM £249.00 - Book online

    Dog agility is a popular and fun sport in which a handler directs a dog through a series of obstacles as accurately as...

    Compass Education Ltd
    8 Dog Training courses

    This programme is designed to equip the student with the knowledge to ‘read’ and understand how and what dogs...

    How Dogs Learn - Certificate FROM £155.00 - Book online

    This short course is designed for those who want an insight into the psychology of learning in dogs. It provides a useful...

    Open College UK Ltd
    6 Dog Training courses
    2 reviews
    Recent reviews of this course provider

    Confidence Building Diploma

    Materials provided are very good and easy to follow and test papers give you the...more

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    open college uk ltd

    Dog Training Diploma Course [dog psychology] - LOW COST Fees! 1. CMA Recognised & Registered Open College Diploma Course 2....

    Dog Puppy Training Course FROM £245.00 - Book online

    Puppy Training Diploma Awarded Course 1. SFTR Accredited Open College Diploma Course Once completed you are entitled to use...

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    LD Learning
    2 Dog Training courses

    Online Dog Training : Module 1 – Basic Commands Module 2 – Start Puppy Training Early Module 3 –...

    Online Dog Grooming & Dog Training FROM £598.00 - Book online

    Course syllabus: Dog Grooming Module 1 – History of dogs Module 2 – Introduction to Good Grooming ...

    Courses Direct Distance Education
    1 Dog Training course
    10 reviews
    Recent reviews of this course provider

    My Journey of Learning with Drawpj

    I first decided to become a student of Drawpj after my husband passed away in 20...more

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    Do you want a career that you can work with man’s best friend? An understanding of canine psychology and behaviour is...