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    144 Dance courses in East Riding Of Yorkshire

    Meet the experts

    Joanne Clifton – the strictly come dancer

    We’ve all been there, a casual flick of the remote over to BBC One on a Saturday night and suddenly we’re mesmerised by the moves on screen and the gentle grace of the dancers (we won’t pass judgement on the celebrities) as they...

    With photos / video

    East Riding College
    2 Dance courses
    2 reviews
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    My views

    Hard paced if you've not done it before. Teaching of high quality with a lot of ...more

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    This course includes everything from how to choreograph and perform to writing and directing. This course can help them achieve...

    Level Three BTEC Extended Diploma in Performing Arts (including dance and drama)

    This course covers similar topics to the Level Two Diploma in Performing Arts but in greater depth. It is carefully designed to...

    Introduction to Smart Majority

    Online courses

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    Hotcourses has now partnered with SMART Majority to bring you the best in online education. Find the right course for you today!

    1 Dance course
    6 reviews
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    Amazing course

    I found the course very interesting and informative the tutors are supportive an...more

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    smart majority profile who offer Dance courses In East Riding Of Yorkshire

    Maybe you are looking for a new way to exercise or maybe you are looking at something fun to learn. Pole dancing fitness gives...

    Discounts available - book now.

    Belly Dance Secrets
    5 Dance courses
    1 review
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    Belly Dance Extra

    Great way to kickstart any excercise drive. Class Instructor (Nicola) was warm a...more

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    9th Birthday bargains, visit TheFunCoreWorkout co uk get 9 weeks free. Belly Dance Secrets DVD Want to sparkle...

    (DVD) Bokwa styling to spice up your dance footwork & work your abs with your footwork & rock the floor FROM £5.00 - Book online (DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE)

    11th Birthday bargains, visit TheFunCoreWorkout co uk to see trailer. Belly Dance Secrets DVD I have put over a...

    Howard Gibbon
    3 Dance courses
    howard gibbon

    T'ai Chi Dance has its foundations in the five elements and Li energy. It is the baby of our forms having been created only...

    Tai Chi Dance Volume 2 DVD FROM £22.90 - Book online

    T'ai Chi Dance has its foundations in the five elements and Li energy. It is the baby of our forms having been created only...

    Hampstead School Of Latin Dance
    5 Dance courses
    1 review

    Advanced dancing is not how many complicated moves you can fit in one dance, but how well the moves flow to the music and how...

    "Beginners Salsa" by Orod & Dessy - DVD FROM £21.49 - Book online

    Many people find Salsa to be the best form of exercise and it has become a social dance that has spread to every part of the...

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    Martial Mania
    14 Dance courses

    Discover the most astounding style of Capoeira WITH LE GROUPE SENZALA Although it was not known a few years ago,...

    LEARNING CAPOEIRA - Martial arts instruction DVD FROM £16.99 - Book online

    Methodology from 4 to 18 years old With Aritana (Mestrando, specialized in lessons for children and beginners in Brasil) &...

    Beckmann Visual Publishing Ltd
    3 Dance courses
    1 review
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    pleased to get hold of this as courses in my area are non existent, the second h...more

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    "...well constructed with clear teaching progression and soundly based teaching tips which will be a great asset to beginner,...

    HOW TO JIVE (Dance) DVD Tuition FROM £9.99 - Book online

    Jive or Swing has been around for a while and new modern jive can be danced to virtually any kind of music from jazz, rock and...

    1 Dance course

    The Dancing Cane is one of the most practical and gorgeous accessories that a magician can use on stage.The combination of magic,...

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    Rachael Eccles Advanced Hypnosis Downloads
    2 Dance courses

    Confident Dancing & Stop Blushing- Instructional Hypnosis DUAL MP3's: You will get two Hypnosis MP3 recordings at...

    Confident Dancing-Instructional Hypnosis MP3 FROM £10.79 - Book online

    Confident Dancing-Instructional Hypnosis MP3: Suitable for all kinds of dancing where you need to concentrate, keep in...

    Amanda Nicole School Of Dance
    4 Dance courses
    1 review
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    Fantastic experienced tutors...more

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    Style: Cheerleading Teacher: Amy Tennet Suitable for: Beginners    This class is for beginners,...

    Heelys Street Tutorial - dance FROM £5.00 - Book online

    This class is for beginners, covering Street Dance routine work and Heelys Movements. Unlimited online access for 1 week. ...

    Ishtar belly dance
    2 Dance courses

    Bellydance/Bollywood/unique choreography Skype individual  lesson/reading/discussion/feedback...

    Ishtar's Arabesque - Belly dance instruction DVD FROM £15.00 - Book online

    Dance like a Goddess!!!! Learn to bellydance with Ishtar! All the moves are graded so are both accessible and Bellydance...

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    Southern Percussion
    7 Dance courses

      Libertango, Mimi from La Boheme, Excerpts from Carmen , Aubade from Romeo and Juliet, Dance of the Knights, Spring...

    Southern Percussion Series - Spirit of the Samba FROM £11.25 - Book online

    Number of Players: 6 Instrumentation: Whistle, Snare Drum, 3 Toms, Cowbells and Tambourine Difficulty: Beginner The...

    86 Dance courses
    1 review

    Each volume in the series is professional, easy to follow, designed specifically for beginners and fun for everyone. With...

    Essential Line Dances Vol.1 (Dance Training DVD) FROM £14.99 - Book online

    Volume 1 of the Essential Line Dances series contains a variety of line dances that are perfect for anyone who's still...

    Hoop Guy Ltd
    5 Dance courses

    Christabel Zamor presents a whole new DVD based around fitness and designed to get you sweating as you spin! Includes...

    Hoop dance - Hoopnotica Level Three FROM £14.95 - Book online

    The third DVD in the series from Hoopnotica helps you to expand your hooping knowledge even further. If you have...

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    Dance Online UK
    3 Dance courses
    dance online uk

    Level: Improvers Level 1 Dancers: Salma Faraji, Ross Logan, Anna Bain Pugh Music: Karen MacIver Duration: 72 min. (Class) +...

    Contemporary Dance Class with Paul Liburd - DVD FROM £19.95 - Book online

    Former Rambert Dance Company and Scottish Ballet dancer Paul Liburd teaches a Cunningham-based dance class with 17 exercises,...

    Courses Direct Distance Education
    1 Dance course
    10 reviews
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    My Journey of Learning with Drawpj

    I first decided to become a student of Drawpj after my husband passed away in 20...more

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    This course describes why humans see, touch, smell, taste and hear the world around us like we do. It also...