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Rhiannon Munson-Hobbs – the showgirl

Interviewing Rhiannon has an air of Moulin Rouge about it; a showgirl and cancan dancer at La Nouvelle Eve cabaret in Paris, this is one lady who seems to be living the film set dream (minus a singing Ewan McGregor of course). Swept into the dance...

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1 Dance course
5 reviews
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Amazing course

I found the course very interesting and informative the tutors are supportive an...more

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smart majority profile who offer Dance courses  in Belfast

Maybe you are looking for a new way to exercise or maybe you are looking at something fun to learn. Pole dancing fitness gives...

Belly Dance Secrets
5 Dance courses
1 review
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Belly Dance Extra

Great way to kickstart any excercise drive. Class Instructor (Nicola) was warm a...more

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11th Birthday bargains, visit TheFunCoreWorkout co uk to see trailer. Belly Dance Secrets DVD I have put over a...

(DVD) Spice up your Salsa - moves for the dance floor FROM £5.00 - Book online (DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE)

9th Birthday bargains, visit TheFunCoreWorkout co uk get 9 weeks free. Belly Dance Secrets DVD Want to sparkle...

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1 Dance course

The Dancing Cane is one of the most practical and gorgeous accessories that a magician can use on stage.The combination of magic,...

Rachael Eccles Advanced Hypnosis Downloads
2 Dance courses

Confident Dancing & Stop Blushing- Instructional Hypnosis DUAL MP3's: You will get two Hypnosis MP3 recordings at...

Confident Dancing-Instructional Hypnosis MP3 FROM £10.79 - Book online

Confident Dancing-Instructional Hypnosis MP3: Suitable for all kinds of dancing where you need to concentrate, keep in...

Hampstead School Of Latin Dance
5 Dance courses
1 review

This DVD has 12 routines which increase in dificulty. The DVD is suitable for anyone that have completed the beginners level...

"Higher Improvers Salsa" by Orod & Dessy - DVD FROM £21.49 - Book online

This DVD has 12 combinations for the higher improver level (minimum 3 months of classes). Each combination is made of 2 parts...

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Howard Gibbon
3 Dance courses
howard gibbon

T'ai Chi Dance has its foundations in the five elements and Li energy. It is the baby of our forms having been created only...

Tai Chi Dance Volume 3 DVD FROM £22.90 - Book online

T'ai Chi Dance has its foundations in the five elements and Li energy. It is the baby of our forms having been created only...

Amanda Nicole School Of Dance
4 Dance courses
1 review
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Fantastic experienced tutors...more

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This class is for beginners,covering basic Ballet routine work. Style: Ballet Teacher: Amy Tennet Suitable for:...

Introduction to Break Dance- online tutorial FROM £5.00 - Book online

Style: Break Dance Teacher: Mark Keenan Suitable for Beginners This class is for beginners, covering a...

Beckmann Visual Publishing Ltd
3 Dance courses
1 review
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pleased to get hold of this as courses in my area are non existent, the second h...more

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"...well constructed with clear teaching progression and soundly based teaching tips which will be a great asset to beginner,...

HOW TO JIVE (Dance) DVD Tuition FROM £9.99 - Book online

Jive or Swing has been around for a while and new modern jive can be danced to virtually any kind of music from jazz, rock and...

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Ishtar belly dance
2 Dance courses

Bellydance/Bollywood/unique choreography Skype individual  lesson/reading/discussion/feedback...

Ishtar's Arabesque - Belly dance instruction DVD FROM £15.00 - Book online

Dance like a Goddess!!!! Learn to bellydance with Ishtar! All the moves are graded so are both accessible and Bellydance...

Martial Mania
14 Dance courses

With this DVD, a sequel to the best-seller « the technical bases of Capoeira », you will be able to do an...

CAPOEIRA SPECTACULAR BOX SET (2 dvd) - Martial arts instruction DVD FROM £49.99 - Book online

the senzala group presents in this box set two dvds to make you discover and enjoy Capoeira, from a technical point of view,...

Southern Percussion
7 Dance courses

Instrumentation: Cymbal, Agogo Bells, Snare Drum, Bongos, Timbales and Floor Tom Difficulty:...

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86 Dance courses
2 reviews

Anyone who’s comfortable with the basics & the understanding of leading & following will find this DVD to be a...

Advanced Cheerleading (Sports Training DVD) FROM £19.99 - Book online

Learn the essential elements that are necessary to cheer at the advanced level. University of Oklahoma Coach...

Hoop Guy Ltd
5 Dance courses

Take your Hoopnotic™ Hoopdance to a whole new level with Beginning Level 2! Learn all new foundational moves that will...

Hoop dance - HoopGirl Hoopdance Workout FROM £14.95 - Book online

Christabel Zamor presents a whole new DVD based around fitness and designed to get you sweating as you spin! Includes...

Dance Online UK
3 Dance courses
dance online uk

Level: Improvers Level 1 Dancers: Salma Faraji, Ross Logan, Anna Bain Pugh Music: Karen MacIver Duration: 72 min. (Class) +...

Contemporary Dance Class with Paul Liburd - DVD FROM £19.95 - Book online

Former Rambert Dance Company and Scottish Ballet dancer Paul Liburd teaches a Cunningham-based dance class with 17 exercises,...

Courses Direct Distance Education
1 Dance course
10 reviews
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My Journey of Learning with Drawpj

I first decided to become a student of Drawpj after my husband passed away in 20...more

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This course describes why humans see, touch, smell, taste and hear the world around us like we do. It also...

Crescent Arts Centre
31 Dance courses

This class is suitable for experienced tap dancers. At the start of class you will do warm-up excercises and timesteps before...

Babydance - 088 FROM £55.00

Baby Dance is fun, involving creative movement for parent and toddler. Your baby will learn to move to music – or how...

ZEM Dancesport UK
323 Dance courses

Peter Eggleton partnered by his wife Pamela presents Ballroom variations for weekly medal classes. This video was recorded in...

Caterina Arzenton: Dance Training - Foxtrot FROM £39.95

This is a teaching series by Caterina Arzenton, who uses a Japanese Professional couple as a guinea pig to teach her...