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  • 3 Evening Classes creative writing courses in Cambridge

    There are 2 institutions in Cambridge which run Evening classes Creative Writing courses. Please use the filter on the left to narrow down your Creative Writing courses.

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    Introduction to Hills Road Sixth Form College

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    hills road sixth form college profile who offer Evening Classes Creative Writing courses  in Cambridge

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    View 2 Evening Classes Creative Writing courses

    at Hills Road Sixth Form College

    in Cambridge

    We offer AS and A level courses and an extensive extra-curricular programmes for students aged 16-19 years old, on top of Adult Education...more

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    Some of the courses below will include those you can study at home or courses that you can arrange to suit your needs.

    View 1 Evening Classes Creative Writing course

    at Cambridge Regional College

    in Cambridge

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    Article about Creative Writing

    Meet the Tutor: Creative Writing
    College: Bishopsgate Institute Tutor: Shaun Levin Shaun Levin has been teaching creative writing in London for over ten years. He is the author of several books, the most recent of which is Snapshots of The Boy (Treehouse Press). He has a particular interest in the short story form, and has published a collection of stories, A Year of Two Summers (Five Leaves Publications), set in South Africa, Israel and London. Q: What course do you teach? Shaun Levin:  The General Creative Writing course and Advanced Creative Writing course. I also run various...


    Article about Creative Writing

    Student Story: Creative Writing for Wimps!
    Cathy’s creative writing course gave her the confidence she needed to begin the writing she’d always been longing to do… Name: Cathy Young Institution: The Institute, East Finchley Course: Creative Writing for Wimps When I saw the course “Creative Writing for Wimps” at The Institute, East Finchley, I knew it was for me. I had always wanted to be a writer but was always too scared of failure to follow my dream. Instead, I became a teacher, not daring to write anything other than the occasional article for the local volunteer-led...


    Article about Creative Writing

    Taking a course changed my life: Creative Writing
    Keith had always enjoyed writing, but the creative writing course at Bishopsgate gave him the push he needed to take up writing fulltime… Name: Keith Mansfield Course: Creative Writing Institution: Bishopsgate Institute ‘I’d left university with little idea what to do next. I enjoyed writing and, thinking it would help me do more, found a job in publishing. It didn’t help at all! I occasionally started work on a novel, but they always ran out of steam as I lacked the inspiration to continue. Inspired to write One day I...