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    305 Cake decorating courses in Lincoln

    Meet the experts

    Lily Vanilli – the cake artist

    We’ve all been there, standing over the cake watching the icing melt, crestfallen that you didn’t wait that extra ten minutes. Cake decorating is an art, but there is one lady who takes this one step further – make way for Lily...

    With photos / video

    Community Learning at Sir Robert Pattinson Academy
    2 Cake Decorating courses
    4 reviews
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    Fantastic mix of theory and practical. As a teacher I think the course is excell...more

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    This workshop will introduce you to the art of piping.  You will need to bring 12 cupcakes with you, half of which you will...

    Cake Decoration Workshop - Beginners Guide to Cake Decoration FROM £17.50

    An introduction to cake decoration.  This workshop will teach you how to pipe and write on cakes.  You will be taking...

    Introduction to Smart Majority

    Online courses

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    Hotcourses has now partnered with SMART Majority to bring you the best in online education. Find the right course for you today!

    1 Cake Decorating course
    5 reviews
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    Amazing course

    I found the course very interesting and informative the tutors are supportive an...more

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    smart majority profile who offer Cake Decorating courses In Lincoln

    You love baking and you want to work from home. Why not combine the two? This online course is designed to introduce you to...

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    Centre of Excellence Online
    1 Cake Decorating course

    How to Build a Successful Cake Making Business from Home What is the most preferred birthday gift for a colleague, friend or...

    All Occasions Gift Wrap
    1 Cake Decorating course
    all ocasions gift wrap

    The course is online and you will receive access to step by step video training. We use a Madeira cake recipe for all our cup...

    33 Cake Decorating courses
    2 reviews
    Cake Decorating, Cold Porcelain,Wild Flowers - Cake Decorating DVD FROM £9.59 - Book online

    You know how to bake a cake - here's how to decorate it   LEARN FROM...

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    Pretty Witty Cakes
    254 Cake Decorating courses
    pretty witty cakes limited

    As seen in the Live demonstrations at the Cake & Bake Show in London 2012, Suzi Witt has recorded this tutorial for those who...

    Princess Castle Cake Project FROM £11.99 - Book online

    In this Project, Pretty Witty Cakes' tutor Leesa Collins shows you how to make this amazing enchanted princess castle...

    Incipio Academy
    7 Cake Decorating courses
    incipio academy

    Are you ready to take your cupcake making skills to the next level? Discover the tips, techniques and tools you need to decorate...

    Cupcake Creations – Flowers with Glitter FROM £25.00 - Book online

    Bring your cupcakes to life as Hasnain teaches you how to create 3D flowers for your cupcakes. We will guide you through...

    I Love Cross Stitch
    1 Cake Decorating course

    Lindy's Cake Jewellery Gems by Lindy Smith is an easy and effective ways to add sparkle to your cakes. This set of two...

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    Gmt Technical Services Limited
    2 Cake Decorating courses

    This module provides deeper understanding of the baking process, which was broadly covered in the introductory modules on cake...

    Cabatec Introduction to Cake FROM £190.00 - Book online

    This module provides an overview of the entire process of Cake Manufacture, from delivery of raw materials through mixing,...

    I Made It Crafts
    1 Cake Decorating course
    i made it crafts

    Hello Cupcake Workshop Hello, I’m Agnes. Have you ever wondered how to bake a perfectly even cupcake? Or how to produce...

    Blue Mountain Training Solution
    1 Cake Decorating course

    The Ultimate Baked New York Cheesecake One of the world's most popular cakes is the Baked New York Cheesecake. This...

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    Kerricraft Cakes
    1 Cake Decorating course
    kerricraft cakes

    This course is designed for those who would like to learn on a one-to-one or two-to-one basis.  We will tailor make...