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22 British sign language courses in Glasgow

There are 4 institutions in Glasgow which run British Sign Language courses. Please use the filter on the left to narrow down your British Sign Language courses.

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at City of Glasgow College

in Glasgow

  • This course will enable candidates who have completed the BSL Level 1 Certificate in BSL (or equivalent) to develop an ability...

  • British Sign Language: Level 1

    The 3 unit structure benefits learners by allowing them to study the qualification in ‘bite-sized chunks’....

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at Learn Sign Language- The EASY Way

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2 reviews

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at The Sign Language People

Study these at home in Glasgow

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at British-Sign

Study these at home in Glasgow

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Article about British Sign Language

Subject Focus: Sign it like Beckam
Whether to gain the ability to communicate with a deaf friend like the Beckhams or to open the door to a new career, studying British sign language can be highly fulfilling… The reasons for wanting to learn sign language are many and varied, from having had contact with a deaf person or wanting to communicate and assist the speech or hearing impaired community. David and Victoria Beckham for instance, are learning sign language with their children so they can communicate with a deaf friend. British Sign Language (BSL) has its own grammatical rules and structure,...

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