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Our guide to translation training courses

With each advance in technology communication between countries and cultures is greater than ever and a translation training course could be the first step of a successful career. Generally, translation training courses look at just one language, so if there is one that you feel particularly confident with you might like to focus on that. Translation training courses can lead to careers in language teaching, translating and community work. A typical translation course will involve a lot of reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Awarding organisations

  • Chartered Institute of Linguists - Education Trust
  • The Chartered Institute of Linguists serves the interests of professional linguists throughout the world and its associated charity, IoL Educational Trust, acts as a respected language assessment  body and is an accredited Awarding Organisation. The Institute is also actively involved in language issues at both a national and an international level. Founded in 1910, the Institute now has over 6,000 Fellows, Members and Associate Members. It aims to: serve the professional interests of its members provide nationally accredited and other professional qualifications and set standards for language practitioners be an authoritative voice promoting the learning and use of languages, and the professional status of language work advise on policy and strategy affecting languages.  

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Translators convert the written word from one language (known as the source language) into another language (known as the target language). Translators may work on: scientific, technical or commercial material such as reports, manuals and brochures legal documents, such as contracts literary work - translating novels, plays and poetry media translation, such as web sites, film scripts and subtitles for films educational work, including textbooks and travel guides. Translators may specialise in one type of work or work on a number of...more