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Our guide to speech therapy training courses

If you think you can cure a stutter and want to help people, a speech therapy course could be the start. On a typical speech therapy course, you will learn how to treat problems people have with speech and other difficulties patients have communicating vocally. You will be taught how to help people overcome issues they have with speaking and the best way to provide effective support. Speech therapy courses often come with specific qualifications, relevant to working in that area. You will also be trained as part of a speech therapy course, in how to work with children as well as adults.

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Student Story: Speech Therapy

Jeff had always felt the need to hide his stutter, but his speech therapy course at City Lit helped him to become comfortable with his speech and gave him essential job interview confidence… Name: Jeff Hammill Institution: City Lit Course: Block more

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Speech and language therapists diagnose and treat disorders of speech, voice and language, and problems with swallowing or feeding. If a total cure is not possible, they assist people to overcome or minimise the difficulties associated with these conditions and provide them with support. Although much of the work is with children, people of all ages are treated. The problems clients have may be congenital (for example, due to a cleft palate or other physical disability); due to learning difficulties or special educational needs; or caused by injury or a medical condition such as...more