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Our guide to pattern cutting training courses

If you’ve seen the Great British Sewing Bee, you’ll notice that mastering pattern cutting is one of the most important skills when designing clothes. Pattern cutting courses are perfect to help develop basic techniques involved in the production of dresses, waistcoats, hats, shoes and even bras. On most of the pattern cutting courses, you’ll learn to draft patterns and construct garments using conventional and inventive techniques. At the end of most courses, you’ll walk away with your very own bespoke item. Whether you’re an amateur or professional, you’ll acquire the skills required in the industry. 

Pattern Cutting training course reviews and other useful articles

What others are saying about pattern cutting training

Great class!

Where: Community Education Lewisham

What: Pattern cutting - personalised trouser & skirt blocks

by KR - October 2014

I am halfway through this course and really excited at the progress I have made. The instructions are clear, supplemented by excellent handouts and individual feedback at every stage of the process. We have completed out skirt blocks and learned how to modify the basic block into different styles and we are about to start drawing our trousers. We have learned the correct way to take accurate measurements and transfer these to paper. It's not nearly as complicated as I thought before starting and our instructor "A" has demystified the whole process. We're encouraged to start thinking about how to translate our personalised blocks into new designs. I am looking forward to the rest of this class and would encourage anyone who has some basic experience with commercial patterns to consider this class. Understanding how the patterns are created from body measurements has already made me start looking at my commercial patterns differently and I am getting a better understanding of how they work and how I can modify them to make them fit better. Highly recommended course!

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Dressmaking Fitting Surgery

Available: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

Price: £70.00 £66.50

Where: Cottingham

Getting your dressmaking projects to fit can be a challenge. During the session you will look at taking accurate body measurements to select...

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