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For nearly 30 years experienced photographer David George has been working as a professional photography freelancer, with plenty of well-known businesses on his client list. David now splits his time between work and being a freelance photography teacher at The Cass more


These days, it seems like every man and his dog is taking photos. With ever sharp smart phone cameras at our fingertips,  increasingly complex digital cameras and London’s nostalgic return to analogue film, it’s no surprise that photography has topped the list more

Flower Photography

  Q. What qualifications route did you take to realise your career? Self taught   Q. Please explain in detail what students will learn during your course A better understanding of how to use natural light, the effects more

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Course Review: The Right Direction

If you’re a film lover with a deep desire to find out more about the filmmaking process, you’re not alone. It could give you a better understanding of the industry and could help to launch your own creative career. We sent our reviewer Chris Alexander along more

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Directors take overall responsibility for the look, sound and style of a production. They can work in documentaries, film or television drama, light entertainment, commercials, news or corporate video. They could direct single or multi-camera operations, and lead a small team or a large cast and crew. Each form requires particular skills and techniques, but all directors use their creative vision, organisational skills and technical knowledge to bring the production together. Directors work with a wide range of people during the production process. In pre-production,...more