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Our guide to dental training courses

Considering taking a Dental training course to kick start your career? Training courses often differ massively in terms of course content, cost and time they take to complete, as well as the level of qualification they are worth. There will be training programmes that offer nothing other than a certificate of completion, while other Dental training courses will work towards passing NVQ/SVQ and industry recognised qualifications. A limited number of training courses are free to enrol on, while some students will be entitled to get their Dental training course funded or subsidised. For more information, our careers guide and course articles will show you the benefits completing a Dental training course can have on your job prospects.

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Most dentists work as general dental practitioners in the community. Dental practices can take either private or NHS patients; most take a mixture of both. Dentists can also work with the Community Dental Service, in hospitals, universities, in industry, or the Armed forces. In general practice dentists provide their patients with a range of services including dental treatments and check-ups. Dentists keep dental records for each patient. Treatment can include fillings, extractions, fitting bridges and dentures. They may take X-rays and give people local anaesthetic. Depending...more

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