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Our guide to computer games design training courses

With consoles like the Wii and Xbox Kinect being popular forms of entertainment and with the huge hype over games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, it’s no surprise that computer games design courses are a favourite choice for many. Some computer games design courses come as part of a wider multimedia qualification, and others focus solely on computer games for the whole course.  You will be taught how to make computer games as well as a good knowledge of the development stages that they have to go through during the design process.

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Computer games developers produce games for PCs and games consoles, working on new games and updating existing titles. There are many development stages leading up to a game's release - initially, the development team may be small, but as the project nears completion, up to 30-40 people may be involved. They may also work on games for the internet or for mobile phones. Games development usually breaks down into specialist roles including: Designer - designers develop concepts for games, including the design detail, structure, and technical and functional specifications. They have an...more