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Our guide to body piercing training courses

From ears to belly buttons, a body piercing training course will teach you how to pierce all areas of the body. On a typical body piercing training course you will learn how to position studs correctly, how to sterilise piercing equipment and what to advise about after care. You will also be shown the different types of body jewellery and taught where they should go. Though body piercing has been around for a long time, it has seen a recent surge in popularity and can offer good career prospects on completion of a course.

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Body piercing involves piercing various parts of the body with a needle or stun gun and then inserting different types of jewellery and metals as a form of decoration. The type of jewellery and metals used in body piercing will depend on which area of the body is to be pierced and the personal choice of the client. Body piercers will advise the client on what may or may not be suitable and on aftercare of the affected area. Body piercers often combine body piercing with tattooing. ...more