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Career Inspiration: Midwifery training and career options

How to get into Midwifery with Midwifery courses

by Updated 13/10/15
Career Inspiration: Midwifery training and career options
How to get into Midwifery with Midwifery courses, Midwifery course fees and Midwifery course reviews
Midwives occupy a special position in the health care profession. They have one of the most important and responsible jobs possible - bringing new life into the world and ensuring that the health of the baby and mother are monitored at all times. Midwives are invaluable and midwifery offers an exciting job for life. lists midwifery jobs and is updated each day with jobs for midwives. Here, briefly explains what to expect from a midwifery career, and the route to becoming a midwife.
Firstly, what do midwives do?
As a midwife your job will be to support your clients during pregnancy and child birth. You’ll help your clients prepare for this, and their health and the baby’s health will be the focus of your role.
A midwife acts as an advocate for both mum-to-be and baby. You’ll use your strong communication skills to provide advice, antenatal and postnatal care, and your experience and training during delivery.
After the birth the new mother and baby will be under your care for no less than 10 days - it can be longer; as long as you deem necessary. Working with a number of clients, you’ll need to be flexible and organised.
How to become a midwife
To become a midwife you’ll need to study a three-year degree course in midwifery. The most common course works toward the BSc (Hons) Midwifery qualification. Some university’s offer the Bachelor of Midwifery course. These courses are based, broadly, on 50% theoretical work and 50% practical work.
Some midwives are qualified nurses first. A qualified nurse can do an 18-month conversion course to become a dual qualified nurse midwife.
Future options - midwifery as a career
The UK is still suffering from a shortage of midwives and although midwifery is going through some considerable changes, this is arguably a good time to consider midwifery as a career move. A newly qualified midwife working for the NHS often starts on the first pay point in Band 5 - currently £21,176 per annum.
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