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A whole new level

A level courses and AS level courses for adults

by Hotcourses Editor Updated 28/11/13
A whole new level

From maths to media, sport to sociology - AS and A level courses come in a wide range of subjects and are a popular choice for many students on completing their GCSEs. They are usually classroom based and take one to two years to complete full time, but there are also options to take A levels and AS levels courses part time.


For those unfamiliar with the terms, AS stands for Advanced Subsidiary and A stands for Advanced. You can take AS levels on their own or as the first part of an A level course. A level courses are longer and go into more depth than AS levels. They are both at level three on the National Qualifications Framework.


A levels and AS levels are a particularly good qualification to have if you’re thinking about university as many of the learning techniques are very similar to those of undergraduate degrees. Both require a lot of reading and often involve lectures or seminars.


Sam Pointon took A level Maths at Tower Hamlets College: ‘I could not have got into Cambridge without that qualification. My tutors instilled a real sense of belief in me and encouraged me that I had the ability to go to Cambridge.’


This kind of qualification can also be useful if you are looking to launch your career on finishing college or sixth form, as you learn skills and knowledge that can be transferred to a working environment.


A levels and AS levels are not qualifications reserved for young people fresh from their GCSEs and many adult learners are taking them up too. Though there are often hectic timetables for those taking several A or AS level courses full time, it is possible to study part time and online and release some of this pressure.


Adult learner, Sarah Edwards did her AS level course online with Bright Futures and managed to juggle her studies with a very demanding job: ‘My colleagues in Iraq really admired my motivation to get home and start working on my Chemistry AS-level. It was difficult to get into a study routine at first because of my army role. Luckily I had a week’s holiday due just before the chemistry exam and I got a lot cracked in that time!’


Whether you want to take your A or AS level courses part time, full time, online, or with attendance, you’ll be able to find your perfect course here at Hotcourses. 


List of the most popular A Level courses
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Business Studies A Level courses
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Sociology A Level courses


Considering the cost of taking A levels and AS levels or equivalent grade - you may be elligble to free courses - find out how you could be entitled to a free equivalent A levels and AS levels grade course.


Or, if you’re undecided, check out the Inspire Me pages for ideas.



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