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Imagine being able to lay your hands on someone and make them feel like they just woken up from a deep sleep; no this isn’t something taught in Hogwarts, but a deeply spiritual practice developed in...

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Carpenters are renowned for creating breath taking buildings, roofs and floors, yet some talented individuals go above and beyond. Sit back and take a look at some of the most pointlessly beautiful...

Frequently asked questions

If a course is 'fun' does that mean I won't get a qualification?

Not necessarily. Some fun courses can be taken simply as an interesting way of spending your free time - making new friends and learning new skills - and you might get a certificate at the end, just to say you did it. Some though, will equip you with a qualification afterwards. Often these ones are longer and may involve a test or exam.

Are all part time courses fun?

It depends what you mean by fun! There are more serious part time courses, such as those in first aid or health and safety. These might be slightly less fun than say, pottery or chocolate making, but they will still be sociable and informative. There are a number of more academic subjects you can take as part time courses and even some that will lead to qualifications like GCSEs or A Levels.

Can I do a part time course that will result in a qualification?

Yes. If you're hoping to qualify in a particular area but still need to work full time or have other commitments, there are plenty of part time options. It's worth reading the description of the course carefully as this is where you will find out if taking it will result in a qualification or not.

Can I do a college course part time?

Yes. There are many college courses that are offered on a part time basis. You'll get all the perks of attending a college, like use of the library, but you might only attend a few lessons a week.

Are part time courses only held in the evening?

Not all of them. Some are, as many people who want to take part time courses also want to work full time during the day, but others are held on weekdays or at the weekend. Which days and at what times classes are held will usually be detailed in the description of the course.

Are part time and fun courses cheaper than full time college ones?

Most full time college courses are free for students aged between 16 and 19. However if someone of this age wanted to take a part time course they may have to pay. For people over 19, most courses will come at a charge of some description. Certain subjects may be cheaper than others but this will depend on a number of variables - the equipment needed, whether there are exams to take, the subject etc. You'll usually be able to see the price though, next to the information about the course, so you can take this into account.

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Pottery class

Cardiff pottery workshops

Cardiff pottery workshops 6 week beginner course starts14th 2016

By Susan - February 2016

Nearly at the end of 6 weeks of inspirational delight. I've loved each session and have produced a piece of pottery eac...

Ielts prep course

Westminster Adult Education Service

Preparation for Academic IELTS - Saturdays

By Kristian - February 2016

My first ielts class was a very good learning experience. I liked the diversity of people we had in the class room. We w...

Best tarining centre in London

Osborne Training

Total Taxation Training Course

By Andrew - February 2016

I am doing my Total Taxation course with the Osborne Training. With tutors always available to help studying at the Osbo...

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