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Our guide to postgraduate physical education (pe) courses

Sport courses cover a range of disciplines including sport and business management, rehabilitation, nutrition, therapy, exercise science, and sports coaching. Postgraduate courses are typically designed to introduce a professional specialism within the sports sector. Usually, programmes will focus on either the management and business of sport, or take a scientific theory and practice line of study. Sport science courses will generally introduce the specialist study of psychology, performance, education, health and politics in sport.

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There are relatively few professional sportspersons. Most are amateurs, who may compete at the highest levels, but do not make money from their sport. Only certain sports have professional participants. These include athletics, boxing, tennis, snooker, cycling, equestrian sports, golf and horse racing. In addition to participating in their chosen sport, sportspersons spend a large amount of their time training in order to maintain both the skills they need for their particular sport, and their general...more

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