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Our guide to postgraduate mechanical engineering courses

Mechanical engineering courses are designed for those students wishing to work in a senior role within the industry. Postgraduate courses are typically aimed at students with a proficiency in applying scientific knowledge in problem solving and the design of machines. Usually courses invite tenders for specialisms in particular areas of interest such as aerospace, automotive, bioengineering, manufacturing or materials. The qualification is applicable in a wide variety of industries from motorsport to industrial processing.

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Chartered mechanical engineers are concerned with all aspects of machinery and its moving parts. They may choose to apply their engineering skills to the design, construction and application of an almost endless range of machinery. Chartered engineers work in one of the three main engineering functions: Design, Research and Production. Design: Engineers are concerned with turning ideas into plans for new products, or improvements to existing products. They use computer-aided design (CAD) systems to assist them in the production of highly complex designs. Research and...more

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