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by Anonymous - May 2014

A very intense course where a background in chemical engineering, A-level mathematics, physics and chemistry would be helpful. Anyone not from this background may find the course very challenging. The best modules are introduction to fuel and energy and liquid effluents. The lecturers from these modules are excellent, want their students to succeed and provide the right support to students. The remaining modules are a mixed bag, some are just okay and some are very poor. Not what you would expect from a high ranking University. Gaseous emissions and low carbon energy science and technology modules provide very comprehensive lectures. The lecturers from these modules are uninterested and disengaged from their students. This makes it difficult when asking for guidance. When you ask for guidance students are not responded too or provided with a unproductive responsive. Overall the course teaches you key aspects in environmental and energy engineering from a chemical and biological engineering perspective. The students are the customers of the University and sometimes the attitude of a select few staff in the department forget this. The modules are broken down in to exams and coursework - some are 100% coursework but the majority are 33% coursework and 67% exam. Exams - January and May/June. The research project is also a large portion of the degree. The students select three different themes and are usually given their first choice. Again the supervisor you have may be excellent or below average. The course will require 100% commitment from prospective students due to the intensity of the workload. It is a 12 month course which requires work after the exams throughout the summer months until the end of August. Overall 3/5 Teaching standards 3/5 Course content 3/5 University facilities 4/5 Student support 1/5 Lecturer communication (emails 1/5, face to face 3/5)

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