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Our guide to postgraduate chemistry courses

Chemistry courses cover a range of disciplines including medicinal chemistry, green chemistry, oil and gas chemistry, education, and analytical chemistry. Postgraduate courses are typically designed to cover the two distinct themes of biomecular and materials chemistry. Students will be encouraged to complete original and investigative research studies into various fields of the discipline, including environmentally-friendly industry processes, natural construction materials and processes, and atmospheric analysis with remote technologies.

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Chemists study the properties of substances and how they interact and behave under different physical conditions. Their work is valuable in various industries including product manufacture, the disposal of industrial waste, the diagnosis and treatment of illness and disease, in forensic analysis for criminal investigations, and in education and academic research. Chemists may be involved in commercial operations in areas such as patent work, sales and marketing. Chemists work alongside other scientists and technicians from related fields using sophisticated and sensitive equipment and...more

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