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Our guide to postgraduate applied geology courses

Looking to study Applied Geology further at Postgraduate level? Find below Postgraduate Applied Geology and related courses, including taught (e.g. MSc, PGDip) and research courses (e.g. MPhil, PhD). Also to help you choose your best Postgraduate Applied Geology course, check out our articles, Applied Geology and uni reviews (written by students) and uni profiles, where you can request free postgraduate prospectuses and contact the uni.

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Geologists study the structure and composition of rocks and minerals by analysing samples and conducting surveys. Their findings are used to assess the commercial potential, viability and impact of operations such as drilling and construction, and to compile data on the probability of hazards such as subsidence or earthquakes. Methods used include drilling, seismic surveying, satellite and aerial imagery, and electromagnetic measurement. The information geologists gather has applications in a number of industries, including: the petrochemical...more

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Hydrogeology MSc

University Of Birmingham

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Petroleum Production Engineering MS...

Robert Gordon University

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