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Postgraduate Education Trends

The UK postgraduate arena is changing and students about to take the next step need to consider how these shifting trends will affect them before, during and after their studies. Hotcourses talks to Joanna Newman, the British...

The appeal of postgraduate diplomas and postgraduate certificates

Many of us feel tempted to arm ourselves with another qualification later in life, or to qualify in a different subject area to our initial degree choice. Postgraduate diplomas and postgraduate certificates are emerging as...

Subject Focus: Why Study Postgraduate Creative Arts and Design

Digital Art Postgraduate study in the creative arts and design can be an interesting and stimulating experience. Stephen Boyd Davis, Head of Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts at Middlesex University , is involved in...

Frequently asked questions

How are undergraduate and postgraduate study different?

Undergraduate courses are usually taken before postgraduate ones and qualify you to study further. Postgraduate courses take your studies to the next level and allow you to specialise in a subject area and really learn about it in depth. They don’t always take longer to complete than undergraduate courses (some only last a year) but they are usually more intense and require a lot more work and research.

Can I study part time?

Yes, as with most levels of study there are part time options. These are usually costlier overall than full time courses but per year they will be cheaper and you will be able to keep a job while you study too as the hours you will be in the classroom per week will be less.

Do I have to go to uni to do a postgraduate course?

Not always. There are lots of private course providers that offer postgraduate courses, including professional bodies. You may also be able to study postgraduate courses at some FE colleges.

Do I have to have done a degree beforehand?

Usually, yes. This is the normal progression route but some postgraduate courses are completed as part of a degree, latched onto the end. Some don’t require any formal qualifications at all but will ask you to prove you have a good knowledge of the field beforehand.

How much are postgraduate courses?

Prices vary depending on a number of factors – length, level (a PhD will cost more than an MA, for example), accreditation etc. It’s worth checking this beforehand and ensuring you have the means to pay for it.

Will the government help me pay for my studies?

Sometimes. Certain postgraduate courses are eligible for government funding, such as PGCEs – but these are few. There are no organised loans, bursaries or grants for postgraduate students either, so if you haven’t got the cash yourself, you might want to look into scholarships and sponsorship. Many postgraduate students choose to take out a Career Development Loan from their bank to help too.

Course reviews

well-taught and enjoyable course

University of Kent

Reproductive Medicine (Science and Ethics) MSc

By Lara - June 2015

The well-structured modules of this course not only provided me with a deep knowledge into reproductive medicine and ass...

Stepping Stone

University of Kent

Reproductive Medicine (Science and Ethics) MSc

By Rezwana - June 2015

Personally, I did not know what I wanted to get into after I completed my BSc, but this course really was enlightening a...

Worth every penny!!

University of Kent

Reproductive Medicine (Science and Ethics) MSc

By Ziy - June 2015

The course itself is the main reason why I chose to study at Kent. To be able to be taught by people who are leading exp...

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