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Can you fit a course into a busy lifestyle?

Have you ever psyched yourself up to try something new or do something exciting, but then decided against it at the last minute? Bungee jumping is one thing, but wanting to further your knowledge and then stopping yourself can be...

20 Jan 2017


Why counselling is the answer in a world of differences

I never thought that I would enjoy talking about my feelings and sharing my woes and concerns among strangers. Attending a relationship-coaching workshop has actually been on my bucket list as something to just experience...

20 Jan 2017

Meet the experts

Michael Hughes – the kanji writing connoisseur

Thinking about my interview with Michael Hughes I couldn’t help but be a little in awe. Growing up in Belfast, Michael’s childhood interest in Japanese led him to complete a degree in the language at Cambridge and forge a...

16 Mar 2016


Our guide to InDesign

In essence, Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing package. It allows users to create and design all forms of written media, from brochures and mailshots through to books and magazines. Since its launch in 1999, as a...

14 Nov 2013

Fun stuff

10 examples of graffiti that will make you giggle

When you hear the word graffiti, most people will think Banksy, street art and political comment. Sometimes though, you’ve got to start by just making people laugh. We’ve searched high and low for our favourite, funniest examples...

03 Feb 2016