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Why accounting is becoming a profession for everyone thanks to AAT’s AAO approval

Accountancy has always been one of those careers where I assumed you would need to ace your degree program at university and have the ability to solve complex maths mentally. However, it’s been refreshing to learn that there...

20 Feb 2017


Why lifelong learning is vital for adults

 “How easy is it to fly a drone?” a voice said behind me. I stopped brewing my tea and turned around to see my Dad standing, waiting, with an inquisitive look on his face. At first, I thought it was a bizarre question...

23 Feb 2017

Meet the experts

Sophie Exintaris – the seamstress

Here at Hotcourses we really believe you never stop learning and love it when we find experts who embody this idea. One lady who fits this brief is Sophie Exintaris, the brains behind the highly successful dressmaking blog ...

10 Nov 2015


Our guide to film studies

If you find yourself deeply analysing films, appreciating movies that many others fail to understand, or you’re keen on producing one yourself, then film studies is your calling. Check out the wide range of film studies...

14 Jan 2014

Fun stuff

7 examples of amazing upcycling

What’s upcycling we hear you cry? Think recycling but making something look better value than it did before. With these seven examples of amazing upcycled furniture, you will think twice before going along to IKEA and will be...

29 Jan 2016