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Lishi Tai Chi And Kung Fu (York)
£24From£20 Instant book

Gentle exercise from a 3000 year-old Chinese tradition. Dao Yin breathing exercises to boost energy and strengthen the lungs Kai Men Chinese Yoga for strength and flexibility Tai Chi forms for...more

Duration: 1 hour


Part time day

No Qualification

£24From£20 Instant book
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Lishi Tai Chi And Kung Fu - Harrogate
From£8 Instant book

So you want to know about Lishi? Well, join the club! There are many answers to the question “What is Lishi?” but a useful starting point is that Lishi involves moving and exercising your body in a...more

Duration: 1.5 hours

Part time evening

No Qualification

From£8 Instant book


There is hardly anything in life that can change a person’s appearance, demeanour and confidence in the way that well applied makeup can. Elizabeth Taylor had the perfect attitude towards it when she said that ‘put[ting] on some...


Having a strong eyebrow game is almost as necessary in today’s world as bathing and wearing shoes on the tube and you can guarantee that any makeup course worth its salt will involve a lot of time spent working on the perfect arch. Before you...

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