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This course is designed to teach you the basic skills required to write programs using the REXX language in z/OS. The course covers the TSO extensions to REXX and interaction with other environments such...more

Duration: Variable


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Professional Qualification

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Course Description This course covers all aspects of programming with REXX. During the course the student is taught how to write and test programs that issue TSO commands, manipulate MVS datasets and...more

Duration: 4 days

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No Qualification

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Despite their incredible power and potential, computers are very simple devices at heart. Even the most well-specified or expensive computer will fail to operate at all without software telling it what to do. This might take the form of an...


We are the first to admit, when we first looked at the brief and saw the words ‘fun’ and ‘ computer programming’ we panicked a little. Listening to the computer programmers here at Hotcourses HQ, we struggle to understand them, let alone their...

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