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Outstanding teaching!!

The biggest appeal of the Access Course to me was the speed of it. I didn’t want...more

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Nature is the physician of man - Hippocrates. An introduction to the history and core philosophies of naturopathy, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle using natural remedies: including organic diet,...more

Duration: 7 weeks

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British College Of Osteopathic Medicine

The Diploma in Naturopathy (N.D.) is a four-year full-time programme which is internally validated by the College. It may run parallel to and be awarded simultaneously with a degree-level award such as...more

Duration: 4 Years


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A lot of people think psychology is all about reading people’s minds and becoming the next Derren Brown. Unfortunately it’s a lot more complex than that and actually a far more scientific subject than it’s often perceived to be....


Psychology is all about understanding the brain; for example how do we do simple tasks like choose what to have for dinner or make conversation with our colleagues? The brain is made up of four different lobes, the frontal lobe used for decision...