8 Bagpipe playing lessons in the UK

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Firstly, if you do not live in my area you can learn via Skype. Dates and times by mutual agreement if those on this website are not suitable. Alternatively I can offer a condensed residential...more

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It’s free, there’s no real pressure, you can take it at your own pace - these are some of the best things about online learning, but they’re also some of the worst. They sometimes mean you never quite get past the second or third hurdle, you never...


How often do you think about people behind the production of a film, TV series or news programme? The truth is, a lot of planning, creativity and perseverance goes in to every project a director and producer lends their hand to. Though...


How often do you push yourself to do something new? We know people lead busy lives and most of us have just about figured out that balance which allows for both work and play. The thought of incorporating yet another element can also seem daunting...