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Our guide to typewriting courses

Looking to develop or improve your Typewriting skills by trying an Typewriting course for the first time? An Typewriting course will giving you a basic knowledge and understanding of the subject you’re interested in, plus give you the opportunity to learn more about it. There are often courses based on levels of ability, so whether you’re a complete beginner when it comes to knowing about Typewriting or already have some knowledge, there will be a programme suited to your experience. Not only do many courses cost very little to enrol on, but courses like this are usually part-time, meaning you’ll be able to fit learning about Typewriting around your work and social schedule.

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keyboard pro

Where: Keyboard Pro UK

What: Keyboard Pro (Booked online with Hotcourses)

by Nicky - July 2014

very good course easy to follow and well explained, good you can do exercises over and over again. Pity not a few more different and longer exercises but well worth the... more

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  Working as a personal assistant can be incredible demanding. Not only should you have great organisational skills, the ability to multitask and knowledge of popular office software, but you’ll  need knowledge of everything from bookkeeping to event more

Pitman Training

  Pitman Training is one of the most recognised names in education when it comes to preparing people for administrative roles. With a heavy focus on business studies and using computers, if you’re thinking you’d like to take a Pitman Training course more

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Typists, often referred to as word processor operators, use keyboards to produce letters, reports and other documents. There are three main ways of producing documents into typed formats: Copy typing - working from hand-written, printed or typed documents. Audio typing - the work is dictated onto an audio tape, then the typist produces the document whilse listening to the recording. Shorthand typing – the typist takes shorthand notes as information is dictated to them, then later types up the information from their...more

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