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Our guide to theatre set design courses

Looking to develop or improve your Theatre Set Design skills by trying an Theatre Set Design course for the first time? An Theatre Set Design course will giving you a basic knowledge and understanding of the subject you’re interested in, plus give you the opportunity to learn more about it. There are often courses based on levels of ability, so whether you’re a complete beginner when it comes to knowing about Theatre Set Design or already have some knowledge, there will be a programme suited to your experience. Not only do many courses cost very little to enrol on, but courses like this are usually part-time, meaning you’ll be able to fit learning about Theatre Set Design around your work and social schedule.

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Stage or set designers (sometimes called production designers, particularly in the film and television industry) create the overall visual style of a theatre, television or film production. Working closely with the director and production team, they plan the design style for sets, locations, costumes, props and lighting, taking into account the available budget and any logistical problems that outdoor locations or complex scenery changes might bring. Designers study the script, discuss ideas and production requirements with the director and producer, and calculate the costs for the work....more

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