Our guide to Thai massage courses


A massage is a great way to unwind and relieve the stresses of everyday life. Where Thai massage differs from others however, is the incorporation of many other techniques such as yoga, acupressure and the lack of oils used by the masseur. So whether you are inclined to a bit of massage therapy or you’re looking to become a masseur yourself, a Thai massage course could be right up your street.


Thai massage history

Legend says that Thai massage was founded by Jivaka Kumar Baccha, the physician of the Buddhist monk order called the Sangha over 2,500 years ago. However, it has a more complex history than that at, as Thai massage can be traced back to originating from or being influenced by the medicine and massage circles of India, China and other nations around South East Asia. It arrived in Thailand along with Buddhism from those nations but what we know as Thai massage today isn’t as ancient as the original legend states and only goes as far back the 19th century. However, there is no set universal system for what Thai massage should be and how it should be practised and it greatly varies from region to region across Thailand and Asia.


What does an actual Thai massage involve?

You may or may not have had a Thai massage before, either way it doesn’t really matter if you’re looking to take a Thai massage course but having a basic knowledge helps. Unlike other common massages, you can keep your clothes on during a Thai massage (perfect for those people shyer than others) as there are no therapeutic massage oils used. The client is also laid on the floor for a Thai massage as opposed to being on a bed. The reason for this is because the masseur uses yoga techniques as well as their legs and body when massaging and not just their hands so it’s easier for them to be on the floor.

From there, the massage tends to begin from the feet and is worked from bottom to top and usually takes a good two hours at least. The client won’t lay there static for the entirety of the massage, they may be moved about into various positions depending on the massage type and the masseur may even find themselves lying on or underneath the client.


Benefits of Thai massage

There are many benefits of Thai massage that range from the physical improvements to the body to a more relaxed mental state too. It is said that Thai massage is great if you are under stress as it’s really good for the relaxation and meditation of the mind. Physically speaking, the advantages of Thai massage are also vast. Thai massage is really good for muscle relaxation and body toning and is also good for helping treat arthritis and back pain as it really strengthens the joints. It is also good for blood circulation and improves breathing too.


What will a course involve?

Thai massage courses are open to anyone looking to get into the world of massage therapy and little to no previous experience is necessary for introductory courses. At beginner level, you will be taught the fundamentals of Thai massage from head to toe and may often find yourself being treated so you can become more familiar with it all. You will cover certain muscle groups, with some courses targeting certain parts of the human anatomy specifically. You don’t need to be an expert on the human body and muscle groups to take a Thai massage course, however, diploma based courses may ask for some kind of qualification or proof of sound knowledge of anatomy or physiology.


Benefits of the course – careers and qualifications

There are many benefits to a course in Thai massage from the new skills you will gain in holistic wellbeing to the possible career opportunities that may arise.  If you’re looking for a career as a massage therapist then a course can really put you in the right direction for that, especially if you’re planning on taking a course with a formal qualification on offer at the end.  If it isn’t a career you’re looking for, then an informal knowledge of Thai massage can still be very useful for you. It is something you can practise at home with friends or family and is great way to look after yourself both mentally and physically at home.


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