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ContentETC offers an excellent selection of courses designed to help individuals improve their written communication skills.


A highly practical workshop addressing all the key aspects of persuasive written communication. Participants are asked to bring examples of their own written communication with them, and prepare a "brief"...more

Duration: 1 day


Certificate of Attendance

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Zen Optimise Limited

This is for anyone who needs to write for the web, whether as your main job or just a small part of your role. It will be especially useful for new content marketers and company bloggers. It will give you...more

Duration: Variable


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Course Provider Diploma/Certificate/Award



Anyone who has ever tried to explain copywriting will understand the irony of being lost for words. A term that often comes with a lot of misconceptions; it is a job that is far less glamorous than the likes of Mad Men makes it seem. In the...


A great headline has the potential to increase traffic, sell newspapers and earn a journalist a reputation in the industry. That said, we couldn’t help wondering what happens to the bad headlines out there. We searched high and low to bring you...

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