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Energising and relaxing
by Lorraine - November 2015

The instructors are knowledgable and encouraging. I am a complete novice, but feel really confident dancing and the yoga has improved my coordination and flexibility. I am enlightened, it makes me feel taller.

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Confidence and Self Expression

Q. What qualifications route did you take to realise your career? I did it the hard, slow way. I started out in nursing, then did a degree in English Literature  – which is where I started doing drama – and it was here that I overcame my shyness. I more

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Next start: 17th Mar 2016

Price: £275.00

Where: London

Mindfulness is paying attention, to unfolding moment-to-moment experience, on purpose, while suspending judgment, and with an attitude of...

Stress Management & Avoidance - Per...

Next start: 11th Jul 2016

Price: £574.80 £454.80

Where: Brighton

Program/Course Overview Everyone faces stress... it’s a fact of life. What you do with it determines the difference between enjoying life...

Introduction to Relaxation Therapy-...

Next start: You choose

Price: £150.00 £130.00

Where: Larkhall

Introduction to RELAXATION THERAPY - Beginner Level This course is for self and family use only, Level 2 must be undertaken to practise...

Anger Management (Level 2)

Next start: You choose

Price: £360.00 £288.00

Where: Online Course

Course Details Anger is a universal experience. Dogs get angry, bees get angry, and so do humans. You don’t have to be a...

Mindfulness - 1 Day Classroom Based...

Next start: You choose

Price: £197.00 £127.00

Where: Online Course

How to manage stress & anxiety, in yourself and others by adopting a Mindful approach Mindfulness is a modern concept, which describes the...


Next start: You choose

Price: £249.99 £29.00

Where: Online Course

The online Mindfulness Course will discuss the key skills and knowledge related to learning and practising Mindfulness. This course will provide...

21 Day Online Yoga Transformation A...

Next start: You choose

Price: £42.00 £21.00

Where: Online Course

Would you like to look and feel Amazing? Do you want to lose weight, tone up and feel Lighter? How about more Energy,...

Meditation – The journey from Begin...

Next start: You choose

Price: £147.00 £44.10

Where: Online Course

Now You Can Learn Meditation With This Step-By-Step ‘Meditation - The journey from Beginner to Advanced’ Course Course Description An...

Teaching Stress Management

Next start: You choose

Price: £399.00 £35.91

Where: Online Course

Stress affects both the mind and the body and it impacts the overall health and well being of those around us. Unmanaged stress can lead to an...

Mindful Meditation Course - Online ...

Next start: You choose

Price: £299.00 £29.00

Where: Online Course

Learn how to relax your mind by meditational practices This course consists of more than 18 video lectures and 2 hours of content that will...

Online Mindfulness Training

Next start: You choose

Price: £59.00 £29.50

Where: Online Course

Mindfulness Training and Mindfulness Training exercises are an incredible set of techniques, styles and methods, that can be...

Managing Workplace Anxiety Online S...

Next start: You choose

Price: £200.00 £99.00

Where: Online Course

Learn How To Develop and Implement Managing Workplace Anxiety It is normal to have some fear or feel out of place at work sometimes, but when...

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