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Very bad

Where: tonic for the heart

What: chi kung (qigong) & tai chi attracting stillness with movement breath and meditation (Booked online with Hotcourses)

by Hash - September 2014

I went there on the specified time mentioned on the website at the address, waited for 15 minutes and no one answered. It seemed like the shop was closed. Would n't recommend.

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Confidence and Self Expression

Q. What qualifications route did you take to realise your career? I did it the hard, slow way. I started out in nursing, then did a degree in English Literature  – which is where I started doing drama – and it was here that I overcame my shyness. I more

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Stress Management & Avoidance - Per...

Next start: 08th Jul 2015

Price: £574.80 £454.80

Where: Brighton

Program/Course Overview Everyone faces stress... it’s a fact of life. What you do with it determines the difference between enjoying...

Mindfulness and Emotional Coaching ...

Next start: 12th Aug 2015

Price: £600.00 £139.00

Where: Manchester

Highlights: This 150 page 2 Days course will deliver the Secrets of Emotional Control Learn how to use Mindfulness techniques to control...

Achieving Wellbeing

Next start: 06th Oct 2015

Price: £478.80 £428.80

Where: London

Overview We now know that anyone can choose to improve their wellbeing and resilience through effective training and commitment to...

Introduction to Relaxation Therapy-...

Next start: You choose

Price: £150.00 £130.00

Where: Larkhall

Introduction to RELAXATION THERAPY - Beginner Level This course is for self and family use only, Level 2 must be undertaken to practise...

Mindfulness Training - Birmingham C...

Next start: 09th Oct 2015

Price: £150.00 £120.00

Where: Birmingham

What is Mindfulness?     This is a short two full days training,      Mindfulness is an...

YOGA AND LIFE COACHING half day ret...

Next start: You choose

Price: £50.00 £40.00

Where: London

YOGA & LIFE COACHING HALF DAY RETREAT - Sunday 17 May 2015 Find the best YOU. Shape your life and be what you want to be Join us for...

Yoga, Breathing & Relaxation

Available: Mon, Sun

Price: £12.00 £10.80

Where: Barnet

Yoga, breathing and relaxation skills to release tension/stress from the body and mind. Focus on de-stress, balance and wellbeing. For...

Stress Management (Level 3) Course

Next start: You choose

Price: £411.25 £329.00

Where: Online Course

COURSE OVERVIEW A distance learning course is the ideal way to gain a qualification in Stress Management . Whether you're looking...

The Power to Choose

Next start: You choose

Price: £20.00 £10.00

Where: Online Course

This free webinar eliminates stress, regret and disatisfaction from participant's lives, removes self limitations and sigificantly enhances...

Teaching Stress Management

Next start: You choose

Price: £399.00 £35.91

Where: Online Course

Stress affects both the mind and the body and it impacts the overall health and well being of those around us. Unmanaged stress can lead to an...

Mindfulness - 1 Day Classroom Based...

Next start: You choose

Price: £270.00 £149.00

Where: Online Course

How to manage stress & anxiety, in yourself and others by adopting a Mindful approach Mindfulness is a modern concept, which describes...

Managing Stress

Next start: You choose

Price: £400.00 £320.00

Where: Online Course

Course Details The Successful learners will receive a level 2 NCFE Award certificate of achievement. That means that it is...

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Life coaches (or personal coaches) enable individuals to realise their aims, fulfil their potential and become successful. Originating in the US about ten years ago, it is an emerging discipline in the UK. Life coaches help clients translate their thoughts into actions through support, structure and encouragement. Using listening and questioning techniques, they build trust and explore clients’ values. Clients are then able to discover and establish their life goals, and develop a plan to achieve them. Coaches work cooperatively with their clients to find...more