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Awarding organisations

  • Prefabricated Access Suppliers & Manufacturing Association
  • The Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturing Association (PASMA) authorises and handles all aspects related to mobile access towers. PASMA, along with its committees, has been a part of most technical advances and training in tower use. The Prefabricated Access Suppliers and Manufacturing Association is committed to advancing standards, safety, best practices, and representing the views of suppliers, users, and manufacturers in the industry. The Association offers a standard industry training scheme and courses that meet the requirements of the Work at Height Regulations. 

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Scaffolders erect and dismantle working platforms which allow construction workers access to higher levels on existing buildings and structures during renovation or maintenance work, and to upper levels on new-build projects. Jobs can range from putting up scaffold around a house to allow for re-roofing, through to large-scale construction of new commercial developments, external cleaning of office blocks, and repair of historical monuments. Scaffolders also use scaffolding techniques to erect permanent or semi-permanent structures for spectator stands, stages and other uses. The...more