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Our guide to metal working courses

Looking to develop or improve your Metal Working skills by trying an Metal Working course for the first time? An Metal Working course will giving you a basic knowledge and understanding of the subject you’re interested in, plus give you the opportunity to learn more about it. There are often courses based on levels of ability, so whether you’re a complete beginner when it comes to knowing about Metal Working or already have some knowledge, there will be a programme suited to your experience. Not only do many courses cost very little to enrol on, but courses like this are usually part-time, meaning you’ll be able to fit learning about Metal Working around your work and social schedule.

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Engravers use hand tools or machinery to cut into the surface of metal for decorative purposes. Engravers may produce original designs, as well as copying existing ones. Methods of engraving include: pantograph and computer controlled machines hand-held pendant motors using assorted tungsten or diamond rotary burrs photo-etching bead blasting traditional hand-held engraving tools. Hand engraving is usually used for single objects, such as plates or jewellery; machine engraving is used for mass produced items, where large numbers of...more

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