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ouch training team ltd
Ouch Training Team Ltd
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Asbestos awareness training is legally required for anyone who may be exposed to asbestos materials during their work and those that supervise their activities. Successful completion of the course will...more

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From£61.20 Instant book
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Environmental Essentials Limited

Our asbestos consultants are highly qualified and have a wealth of experience in asbestos management across the spectrum of industry sectors. At first sight, managing asbestos containing materials in...more

Duration: 3.5 hours


Professional Qualification



Sure, you know not to put out a chip pan fire, or not to leave candles burning in your living room at night, but how much fire safety do you actually know? Whether you are being sent on a course for work, or just learning how to stay safe at home,...


Think you know everything about fire safety? Take this short quiz and find out whether you should be booking yourself a  training course . Remember knowing your stuff could save your life, so this is not a subject to ignore.  ...

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